Saturday, August 25, 2007

it's electric!

We now interrupt this Italo-Disco* thing for a post to rock out (in a classic rock sort of way) to one of the baddest motherfucking groups in all of the land. Circa 1970-something or so:

Electric Light Orchestra!

Best dressed band: 1978

Trust me kiddies, this is some of the best shit on earth, like Snapple 8000 or something. Listen to these back-to-back-to-back for full effect. Also, when jamming, I dare you to not ejaculate all over your dungarees. (Impossible)

Electric Light Orchestra - It's A Livin' Thing

Electric Light Orchestra - Turn to Stone

Electric Light Orchestra - Shine A Little Love

*More Italo for the next post. A gem. Oo-ee-oo!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

fila fresh to death,

Brian Ice & Raff.

Both of these songs were featured on that Talking to the Night mix by Teddy from a while back. The Brian Ice as the titular jam, but sans the rapping.

"Self Control" is such a sick jam. The one used by Ted was done by Laura Branigan, (i.e. the one I hear in stores and have no qualms about singing along to - yeah!) Raff blesses us with the version
down bottom, (the original no less!) raps and all.

Highlights include, "Off and with the running of the night!" and "don't stop, don't stop/are you jealous?" respectively.

So sick, that I offer you two for one:

Slick motherfuckers indeed

Brian Ice - Talking To The Night


Raff - Self Control (12" Mix)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

evening talk.

Full discolsure: computer issues, long time no see, sorry.

Valerie Dore looked like how my friend Asia does now, except that while Ms. Dore was (probably) a fashion icon, (perhaps in some tiny Italian village) Asia is (more often than not) frowned upon for what has been previously described (I'll just paraphrase here, no need to get into specifics) "Cyndi Lauper and Axl Rose's lovechild with Down Syndrome" sense of style.

All just a matter of taste I suppose.

Until Asia can knock out a jam like the one below, it remains:

Valerie Dore: 1 | Asia: 0

Valerie Dore - The Night

Saturday, August 4, 2007

okey dokey.

Pino D'Angio. What a guy. If you like Twista, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony or pre-Reasonable Doubt era Jay-Z, as well as that Gary Low number that I posted, then you're in luck.

He was the best of both worlds in 1980. Like Sugar Hill Gang produced by Cerrone. Except that rappers weren't particularly fast in '80 and Cerrone wasn't really fucking with italo. With these two factors coming into play, (but not with each other) our ingeniously bold pal Pino decided to meld the two together and bang out some certified classics.

The best way to describe his formula would be:

Talking Fast eventually leads to Rapping Fast
eventually finds its way to Italy
to the effect of Ma Quale Idea

...or the following limber-tongued (pause!) Italo classic:

Pino D'Angio - Okey Okey