Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Forgive me, but please don't forget me. I'll be back soon enough.



Monday, November 19, 2007

dream wife.


Lance made me play this about ten times this past weekend. It's sometimes strange the songs that people get immediately attached to. The first time that I played this for Jake, he became semi-obsessed with it. I think that the same holds true for Bob.


I've tried to make Get Murked a place where pretty much only women that I find appealing get shine. Kate Bush is the godhead of this theory. I would truly love to have had a significant relationship with her in any year between 1977 through 1986. Why, you might ask?:




I found this lp for $2 on beautiful gray marbled vinyl this past weekend. Yay for me.

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

Friday, November 16, 2007

the quick and the dead.

This band had (has?) short songs.

They got the short-end of the stick in return.

Hopefully they can regroup triumphantly.

Two, because they're short.

This album cost me about $15 when I bought it. That equals up to around a dollar a minute.

The Natural History - Watch This House

The Natural History - Dance Steps

*.M4a's let me know if you need a .mp3.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

in a spin.

Court let out early today. Yay!

I don't have to be convinced about Kurtis Mantronik's genius, that is obvious. But house still hasn't grabbed me by the proverbial horns and made me a full-on believer yet. Electro, electronic, Italo, Eurobeat, freestyle, even IDM have had their moments in my lair of jams (don't ask.) But house...not so much.

Actually, too much. You could always start at the beginning, but...Jesus, that sure is a a lot to rake through and...ah, whatever. Someday.

Until then, one of Mantronik's later-period epics.

This song just makes me feel really good. It's about a very specific kind of love, the head-over-heels type. The gist of the song is that this girl sees a guy, instantly falls madly in love with him and her subsequent questioning of his ability to know (before she did) that she would want to touch him.

She wants to tell him how she's been "walking on clouds" and "spellbound" about him. Pretty vain on the part of both parties if you ask me, but I digress...

Cool electronic cover art.

Kurtis Mantronik - How Did You Know?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

no no no.

I've got jury duty, give me a couple of days.

Dig through the archives if you already haven't. There's gold in there.


Monday, November 12, 2007

under pressure.

So, for the most part, I really try to get in a substantial number of songs that I feel everybody will enjoy. Whether they be older, newer, rock, pop, etc...

Every once in a while though, a song or an artist will come along that I truly have no business liking, but totally do anyway. Some of the latest ones include: Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, Hell Rell, Fall Out Boy (ha, got me!), My Chemical Romance and Aly & AJ. Huh???

The thing about it is-you shouldn't really be ashamed of these minor indulgences, you should embrace them. Defend them. Nurture them.

You have to figure that if you hear that Nickelback song enough times, you'll realize that it really is catchy. 50 Cent may be a despicable human being, but
you shouldn't really hold that against Tony Yayo (honestly though, just for that one song.)

Fergie Ferg is still ugly, but those two bump! (Ok, full disclosure, three.) And the Plain White-T's? That'
s just a really sweet song...that might have caused me to tear up a tiny little bit once I finally listened to it.

Anyways, besides throwing my music blogging "career" into the figurative fire, what's the point here?

That Pretty Ricky are more than just the inspiration for the funniest/gayest shit ever on Youtube


They also have jams that any woman with a vagina and even an ounce of self-doubt can appreciate.
They're all midgets who want to put it in you. And they're brothers. They're dad happens to be thier manager. He lets them/encourages them to go on stage like this:

Other than that creepiness, they honestly have two really dope songs that have gotten me much play recently. (False.)

Yes they are absurd, yes they teeter on the verge of bad taste, but honestly, what doesn't these days? (Ahem!)

Pretty Ricky - Peer Pressure

Pretty Ricky - On The Hotline

Friday, November 9, 2007

fly guy funk.

Of course, everybody with VH1 classic or any sense of music video knows Robert Palmer for this,

or perhaps this:

but more than anything, R. Palm was a great interpreter of songs. More than any of his original material that I've encountered, his covers of The Beatles' "Not A Second Time", Cherelle's "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" and The System's "You Are In My System" are some of the best examples of a singer taking a song and really allowing themselves the opportunity to make the composition their own. The Beatles number gets a sort of blue-eyed soul interpretation and Cherelle's already great song gets a white boy plastic funk groove.

Palmer seems to have realized that his voice was well suited to do the contemporary R & B numbers and he capitalized on it. As far as I'm concerned they are his shining moments.


Robert Palmer - Not A Second Time (The Beatles)

Robert Palmer - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Cherelle)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

showdown at sundown.

The first one is used in the beginning of this:

The second one is from a mix that Teddy sent me. He felt that jerry used an inferior Cass song in his Bag of Suck part.

Regardless, I think that he (Cass or Jerry, really) is probably one of the most underrated dudes out there right now.

*See below.

Cass McCombs - Sacred Heart

Cass McCombs - What Isn't Nature


Sonic Youth - Superstar (The Carpenters)

*While I would normally post a photo of the artist or album art, Cass seems to have the same photo used everytime anybody writes something about him. So instead I used a picture taken by the multi-talented Jerry Hsu. That one happens to be one of my all-time favorites.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

serotonin flowing.

Since the age of about 8 or so, my musical taste chart has looked something like this:

  • 8-13 - Strictly hip-hop or hip-hop flavored r & b.
  • 13-15 - Hip-hop, 70's classics, and really shitty rock/nu-metal (i.e. Limp Bizkit, Korn, Stone Temple Pilots) with occasional great semi-modern rock (Nirvana, The Doors, Pink Floyd.) All kept secret from my hooligan rap friends.
  • 16-18 - With the introduction of regular computer access comes indie rock and underground hip-hop. I also had started college once I hit 17, this allowed me to regularly buy cd's for the first time in my life. Before that, record buying was relegated to birthdays, Christmas, Mom giving me a couple of bucks at tax-return time or the once every six months spoil of falling into a few dollars. My hip-hop hooligan friends were gracious enough to trade me Jay-Z albums for shirts or a cool knife.
  • 18-20 - Disco, Italo-disco, new wave, post-punk, psych, freestyle, classic rock & a few select hip-hop artists. At this point I'm sick of indie rock (for the most part) and rap has gone to shit (mostly.) I hardly ever by cd's (all vinyl pretty much) and I haven't bought anything released within the past year. I'm mot sure if that means that I've become a bitter curmudgeon or what, but I do know that I've been jamming on these old records pretty hard lately and I don't really see anything wrong with that at all.
So, what does all of that have to do with anything? Not much at all really, just thought I'd share.
From the treasure troves of my mind/hard drive, I'll be sharing some of my favorite songs from these periods. This one is from when I was wearing corduroys and going down to Union Square by myself on Friday nights while I was flunking out of my second semester of college.

I was curious about these guys (Liars) and ordered everything they had done from Amazon. They didn't write this one, Oneida did, but it is probably one of the best things that they've ever done. (Besides their second album, which I still stand behind. Fuck the haters.)

I really love their early, evil album covers.

Liars - Rose & Licorice*

*An .m4a file, if anybody needs an mp3 instead, let me know.

Monday, November 5, 2007

breakfast in sunny southend

I always sort of imagined my other site to be playing this on a continuous loop. The general basis of it was in line with this song's subject matter, really.

Picture yourself when you're getting old,
Sat by the fireside a-pondering on
Picture book, pictures of your mama, taken by your papa a long time ago.
Picture book, of people with each other, to prove they love each other a long ago.

It's a really sweet sentiment that most modern photography (???) seems to strive for, but is ultimately bogged down by irony, corporate sponsorship, self-centered photographers who seem to have lost (or perhaps never even had) a sense of self or what exactly their work should be focusing on.

Let it be known, there is ultimately nothing inherently wrong about taking photos of drugs, good looking people at parties or all around vapidness, per se. There is something wrong in doing so without a true perspective and/or a sense of humor about it that has at least some basis in reality (i.e. humor that goes past irony, or simple absurdity.) Trying to be compelling or say something of note-even it is about something as purely silly as New York or Los Angeles Red Bull and cocaine parties-is not a crime.

Things like this prove that.

Sorry for the rant, but once I get on a roll...

The Kinks - Picture Book

Friday, November 2, 2007

sit and softly croon.

This one will be broken into two parts: the one where I check Wikipedia for facts, and the one in which I recall all that I know about Thin Lizzy (with "help" from what I remember from their Behind the Music episode. That I saw when I was 14.)

Random Behind the Music memories:

-Lead singer named Phil.

-Also known as the "Black Irishman"

-He died young.

-"The Boys Are Back In Town" was based in reality/booze. (???)

Facts from Wikipedia:

-Phil's last name was Lynott

-They were influenced by Bob Seger and Van Morrisson

"Lynott is one of the few black men to achieve significant success in hard rock" (???)

Anyways, I came across this song whilst trying to download "The Boys Are Back In Town." This one is way better...and the title is super creepy.

It could be about either a shotgun wedding or an incestous relationship/pregnancy. (Ew.)

Thin Lizzy - Little Girl In Bloom (Peel Session)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

call back.

I can not tell you how many times I have listened to this song. To which you reply, "Yes you can, just check your iTunes play count, stupid."

Then I say, "I would get angry because you called me stupid, but the truth is, I sort of am, I've had to fix iTunes a bunch of times and reload all of my shit. Because of these occasional bouts of ineptitude, my current highest play count is currently at 4 (an eight-way tie between Al B. Sure!, Swizz Beatz, Todd Rundgren and others.)"

Quite literal.

Now, although I may not the biggest Genesis fan, I will cop to being a semi-frequent Phil Collins booster. This (as well as his production and drumming on Frida's "I Know There's Something Going On") is one of his shining moments. Pop songwriting at it's peak.

Additionally, who doesn't love blue-eyed soul horn stabs?

Genesis - No Reply At All