Tuesday, December 25, 2007

year -end excuse.

Sometimes you have to work and get money and try to find gear & records and go to bars that you couldn't go to before you can write.

Count me in.

Soon, when the inspirado hits.

Happy holidays, etc.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


The following sounds as if Bobby Nunn had just heard Dirty Mind while in the presence of Prince himself. At the beginning of the party, he was super confident about his ability to pull just about any woman that he desired. They were all there for his taking, willing to do anything he'd like. That skinny motherfucker with the high voice wasn't going to stop him at all. He was obviously gay, right. He had to be. With the blouse on and high heels. He added up to about 5'4" and maybe 116. Soaking wet. With weights on his ankles.

But then he goes and hands the dj a copy of his new album. The one with him in a bikini and tights on the cover. "This nigga must think he's cute or something. Ha!

"I've heard his last one, the one with him on the back riding a white horse. That shit was good but nothing spectacular. I mean, "I Wanna Be Your Lover" was pretty funky but...I don't know about this guy."

At that moment, the dj starts in on Side B. "Uptown" is on. Oh shit.

"Hey! where'd he get that groove from? And that synth line? What's he been doing, practicing?"

Bobby then eyes a beautiful Latin looking girl at the end of the bar. Prince is being fawned over by a couple of white girls in short leopard-print skirts over in the back lounge. Bobby sees his chance to chat up the exotic young thing and then parade by Prince as he makes his way to his limo with his newly-won lady prize.

He orders a drink, a gin & tonic.

By the time he looks over to where the girl is, he sees that a short black girl with curly honey colored hair has taken her place. "Where can she be?" he thinks to himself.

He spies the corners of the club, and the ladies room door for a few moments.

Then he sees her. Well-not her face exactly, but her calves.

Calves and heels. The calves are strong, the heels bright red. Fishnets tie them together.

He can only see the calves and heels because her back is facing him and he can't bear to look up any further at first. When he finally decides to, all he can think to do immediately is look away. But it's too late.

In that split-second, he saw it all. Her face, buried in that skinny motherfucker's lap. Her hands caressing his chest hairs through the open buttons of that god damned white blouse. His steely look of pleasure. All it took was one look.

Bobby went home with the short black girl. He actually ended up marrying her. She wasn't a fan of that skinny motherfucker with the high voice, and he found that reassuring.

The next morning, he had some breakfast while the blond was sleeping. Quietly, on a small synth with a headphone jack, he started composing this song.

"I'll show him" he repeated to himself. "I'll show them both."

Bobby Nunn - Sexy Sassy

Thursday, December 13, 2007

again with him.

How 2007 is buying McCartney II from The Thing a few weeks ago and claiming one of the closing tracks to be one of the finer jams of the year?

Ok, so the year is not 1982, but you what? It's hard picking out new things that are good. I feel like all of the other blogs have done that to death already. So from the awesome McCartney II...a fucking jam. Moody Macca, if you will.


Paul McCartney - Dark Room

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

past blasting.

It's easier if I just put these two together.

Both super rad, from Athens, Georgia & Los Angeles respectively. When guys start bands that are sort of super-influenced by very specific musical periods and the jams don't come out like lame carbon copies...that's the best.

Nuggets bands and 90's alt-rock in general should be proud. As should all of their mothers.

Sleazeballs, obviously.

Black Lips - Dirty Hands

No seriously, get down with these fuckers. They're dope.

No Age - Everybody's Down

Sunday, December 9, 2007

listerine burns.

Kate Nash is so hot.

Hot Chip are the shit.

The original version of this song is only ok.

They come together and make it better.

Also, Kate Nash, a complete dish.

I think she might be really tall though (boo!)

I'm not even so sure that this one is one of my favorites of this year, but it sure seems to have been played a lot so...

If Joss Stone wasn't really into bad fashion choices...and was gorgeous...and talented


Gettin' squeaky/gettin' clean...

Kate Nash - Mouthwash (Hot Chip Remix)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This is another one from 2006 that got mad burn on my iTunes. The thing about this one is that I completely forgot about it after hearing it a few times at the end of last year...

Then next thing I know, I just kept repeating "she swallowed the dead wife pills..." all the goddamned time. Hello this jam on repeat.

"Dead Wife Pills" sort of starts out as a Wreckless Eric-style punk number but then transforms into a beautiful mess of guitar reverb and that short expression that just I couldn't get out of my head a while ago. The whole thing lasts 3:10, but seems longer. In this case, this is actually a good thing.

They're from London, which kind semi-explains the Wreckless Eric start. But not the photo.

Magic carpet ride to...a wig store?

Dead Kids - The Dead Wife Pills

Monday, December 3, 2007

et fin.

As the year rapidly approaches it's end, I think that I'll try to amass some the (very few) things that I liked that happened to have come out this year.
Because I listen to so much old stuff, the new things that keep my attention are usually pretty bad ass. FACT.

Anywhoo, I'll be doing this over a number of days, seeing as how I have to search through iTunes and sort the 2007 shit out. Some of these might not be from 2007 though (ha!) I'm making exception for 2006 things that I reall came to love this year, like the song below.

This is one of my favorite melodies ever. Anybody who has heard me ramble for hours on end about jams knows that I don't care much for what is being said the first 100 times I hear something that I
like (sometimes later come to love,) it's usually the melody that kills me. No exception for Grizzly Bear's "Knife."

This shit is one of the most gorgeous things done since the millennium has begun, hands down.

"Oh yeah and we've chilled with Clipse. Take that!"

The part about back-stabbing (quite literally) was all but lost on me until I heard semi-shitty covers by CSS and Born Ruffians (they have their own awesome 2006/2007 songs, but none for these posts.)

The thing about covering this song is-you absolutely have to do the four-part harmonies!

No four-part harmonies, no go.

So, without any further ado, my favorite song to hum, probably ever.

Grizzly Bear - Knife

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Forgive me, but please don't forget me. I'll be back soon enough.



Monday, November 19, 2007

dream wife.


Lance made me play this about ten times this past weekend. It's sometimes strange the songs that people get immediately attached to. The first time that I played this for Jake, he became semi-obsessed with it. I think that the same holds true for Bob.


I've tried to make Get Murked a place where pretty much only women that I find appealing get shine. Kate Bush is the godhead of this theory. I would truly love to have had a significant relationship with her in any year between 1977 through 1986. Why, you might ask?:




I found this lp for $2 on beautiful gray marbled vinyl this past weekend. Yay for me.

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

Friday, November 16, 2007

the quick and the dead.

This band had (has?) short songs.

They got the short-end of the stick in return.

Hopefully they can regroup triumphantly.

Two, because they're short.

This album cost me about $15 when I bought it. That equals up to around a dollar a minute.

The Natural History - Watch This House

The Natural History - Dance Steps

*.M4a's let me know if you need a .mp3.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

in a spin.

Court let out early today. Yay!

I don't have to be convinced about Kurtis Mantronik's genius, that is obvious. But house still hasn't grabbed me by the proverbial horns and made me a full-on believer yet. Electro, electronic, Italo, Eurobeat, freestyle, even IDM have had their moments in my lair of jams (don't ask.) But house...not so much.

Actually, too much. You could always start at the beginning, but...Jesus, that sure is a a lot to rake through and...ah, whatever. Someday.

Until then, one of Mantronik's later-period epics.

This song just makes me feel really good. It's about a very specific kind of love, the head-over-heels type. The gist of the song is that this girl sees a guy, instantly falls madly in love with him and her subsequent questioning of his ability to know (before she did) that she would want to touch him.

She wants to tell him how she's been "walking on clouds" and "spellbound" about him. Pretty vain on the part of both parties if you ask me, but I digress...

Cool electronic cover art.

Kurtis Mantronik - How Did You Know?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

no no no.

I've got jury duty, give me a couple of days.

Dig through the archives if you already haven't. There's gold in there.


Monday, November 12, 2007

under pressure.

So, for the most part, I really try to get in a substantial number of songs that I feel everybody will enjoy. Whether they be older, newer, rock, pop, etc...

Every once in a while though, a song or an artist will come along that I truly have no business liking, but totally do anyway. Some of the latest ones include: Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, Hell Rell, Fall Out Boy (ha, got me!), My Chemical Romance and Aly & AJ. Huh???

The thing about it is-you shouldn't really be ashamed of these minor indulgences, you should embrace them. Defend them. Nurture them.

You have to figure that if you hear that Nickelback song enough times, you'll realize that it really is catchy. 50 Cent may be a despicable human being, but
you shouldn't really hold that against Tony Yayo (honestly though, just for that one song.)

Fergie Ferg is still ugly, but those two bump! (Ok, full disclosure, three.) And the Plain White-T's? That'
s just a really sweet song...that might have caused me to tear up a tiny little bit once I finally listened to it.

Anyways, besides throwing my music blogging "career" into the figurative fire, what's the point here?

That Pretty Ricky are more than just the inspiration for the funniest/gayest shit ever on Youtube


They also have jams that any woman with a vagina and even an ounce of self-doubt can appreciate.
They're all midgets who want to put it in you. And they're brothers. They're dad happens to be thier manager. He lets them/encourages them to go on stage like this:

Other than that creepiness, they honestly have two really dope songs that have gotten me much play recently. (False.)

Yes they are absurd, yes they teeter on the verge of bad taste, but honestly, what doesn't these days? (Ahem!)

Pretty Ricky - Peer Pressure

Pretty Ricky - On The Hotline

Friday, November 9, 2007

fly guy funk.

Of course, everybody with VH1 classic or any sense of music video knows Robert Palmer for this,

or perhaps this:

but more than anything, R. Palm was a great interpreter of songs. More than any of his original material that I've encountered, his covers of The Beatles' "Not A Second Time", Cherelle's "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" and The System's "You Are In My System" are some of the best examples of a singer taking a song and really allowing themselves the opportunity to make the composition their own. The Beatles number gets a sort of blue-eyed soul interpretation and Cherelle's already great song gets a white boy plastic funk groove.

Palmer seems to have realized that his voice was well suited to do the contemporary R & B numbers and he capitalized on it. As far as I'm concerned they are his shining moments.


Robert Palmer - Not A Second Time (The Beatles)

Robert Palmer - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Cherelle)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

showdown at sundown.

The first one is used in the beginning of this:

The second one is from a mix that Teddy sent me. He felt that jerry used an inferior Cass song in his Bag of Suck part.

Regardless, I think that he (Cass or Jerry, really) is probably one of the most underrated dudes out there right now.

*See below.

Cass McCombs - Sacred Heart

Cass McCombs - What Isn't Nature


Sonic Youth - Superstar (The Carpenters)

*While I would normally post a photo of the artist or album art, Cass seems to have the same photo used everytime anybody writes something about him. So instead I used a picture taken by the multi-talented Jerry Hsu. That one happens to be one of my all-time favorites.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

serotonin flowing.

Since the age of about 8 or so, my musical taste chart has looked something like this:

  • 8-13 - Strictly hip-hop or hip-hop flavored r & b.
  • 13-15 - Hip-hop, 70's classics, and really shitty rock/nu-metal (i.e. Limp Bizkit, Korn, Stone Temple Pilots) with occasional great semi-modern rock (Nirvana, The Doors, Pink Floyd.) All kept secret from my hooligan rap friends.
  • 16-18 - With the introduction of regular computer access comes indie rock and underground hip-hop. I also had started college once I hit 17, this allowed me to regularly buy cd's for the first time in my life. Before that, record buying was relegated to birthdays, Christmas, Mom giving me a couple of bucks at tax-return time or the once every six months spoil of falling into a few dollars. My hip-hop hooligan friends were gracious enough to trade me Jay-Z albums for shirts or a cool knife.
  • 18-20 - Disco, Italo-disco, new wave, post-punk, psych, freestyle, classic rock & a few select hip-hop artists. At this point I'm sick of indie rock (for the most part) and rap has gone to shit (mostly.) I hardly ever by cd's (all vinyl pretty much) and I haven't bought anything released within the past year. I'm mot sure if that means that I've become a bitter curmudgeon or what, but I do know that I've been jamming on these old records pretty hard lately and I don't really see anything wrong with that at all.
So, what does all of that have to do with anything? Not much at all really, just thought I'd share.
From the treasure troves of my mind/hard drive, I'll be sharing some of my favorite songs from these periods. This one is from when I was wearing corduroys and going down to Union Square by myself on Friday nights while I was flunking out of my second semester of college.

I was curious about these guys (Liars) and ordered everything they had done from Amazon. They didn't write this one, Oneida did, but it is probably one of the best things that they've ever done. (Besides their second album, which I still stand behind. Fuck the haters.)

I really love their early, evil album covers.

Liars - Rose & Licorice*

*An .m4a file, if anybody needs an mp3 instead, let me know.

Monday, November 5, 2007

breakfast in sunny southend

I always sort of imagined my other site to be playing this on a continuous loop. The general basis of it was in line with this song's subject matter, really.

Picture yourself when you're getting old,
Sat by the fireside a-pondering on
Picture book, pictures of your mama, taken by your papa a long time ago.
Picture book, of people with each other, to prove they love each other a long ago.

It's a really sweet sentiment that most modern photography (???) seems to strive for, but is ultimately bogged down by irony, corporate sponsorship, self-centered photographers who seem to have lost (or perhaps never even had) a sense of self or what exactly their work should be focusing on.

Let it be known, there is ultimately nothing inherently wrong about taking photos of drugs, good looking people at parties or all around vapidness, per se. There is something wrong in doing so without a true perspective and/or a sense of humor about it that has at least some basis in reality (i.e. humor that goes past irony, or simple absurdity.) Trying to be compelling or say something of note-even it is about something as purely silly as New York or Los Angeles Red Bull and cocaine parties-is not a crime.

Things like this prove that.

Sorry for the rant, but once I get on a roll...

The Kinks - Picture Book

Friday, November 2, 2007

sit and softly croon.

This one will be broken into two parts: the one where I check Wikipedia for facts, and the one in which I recall all that I know about Thin Lizzy (with "help" from what I remember from their Behind the Music episode. That I saw when I was 14.)

Random Behind the Music memories:

-Lead singer named Phil.

-Also known as the "Black Irishman"

-He died young.

-"The Boys Are Back In Town" was based in reality/booze. (???)

Facts from Wikipedia:

-Phil's last name was Lynott

-They were influenced by Bob Seger and Van Morrisson

"Lynott is one of the few black men to achieve significant success in hard rock" (???)

Anyways, I came across this song whilst trying to download "The Boys Are Back In Town." This one is way better...and the title is super creepy.

It could be about either a shotgun wedding or an incestous relationship/pregnancy. (Ew.)

Thin Lizzy - Little Girl In Bloom (Peel Session)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

call back.

I can not tell you how many times I have listened to this song. To which you reply, "Yes you can, just check your iTunes play count, stupid."

Then I say, "I would get angry because you called me stupid, but the truth is, I sort of am, I've had to fix iTunes a bunch of times and reload all of my shit. Because of these occasional bouts of ineptitude, my current highest play count is currently at 4 (an eight-way tie between Al B. Sure!, Swizz Beatz, Todd Rundgren and others.)"

Quite literal.

Now, although I may not the biggest Genesis fan, I will cop to being a semi-frequent Phil Collins booster. This (as well as his production and drumming on Frida's "I Know There's Something Going On") is one of his shining moments. Pop songwriting at it's peak.

Additionally, who doesn't love blue-eyed soul horn stabs?

Genesis - No Reply At All

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

good enough for louie.

From one of my favorite skater's best parts:

...an incredible song that even your mom will jam to.

Scarf control.

Rod Stewart - Young Turks

Full Disclosure:
The past few (as well as upcoming) posts are an attempt to share some of my all time favorite songs. This is being done in complete sincerity and with 100% love & admiration. The fact that I even have to put this at the bottom is simply a testament to my lazy writing as of late. Ha!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

more to life than books.

My favorite Smiths song.


The Smiths - Handsome Devil (Peel Session)


Friday, October 26, 2007

simply taking and not giving.

This is about as indignant as the boys got...

I decree today that life
Is simply taking and not giving
England is mine - it owes me a living
But ask me why, and I'll spit in your eye

Yet also tender...

Under the iron bridge we kissed
And although I ended up with sore lips
It just wasn't like the old days anymore
No, it wasn't like those days

This is without a doubt one of my favorite Smiths songs. The mix of sour and sweet, if you will, is exactly what made them so special. Johnny Marr's blissful music in contrast to Morrissey's bittersweetly reminiscent words...pure magic.

The Smiths - Still Ill


Thursday, October 25, 2007

true to you.

I have managed to not write anything about The Smiths or Morrissey on this here site. I honestly have no clue as to why. No good excuses...nothing.


Lads at ease.

In case you weren't aware, The Smiths are my all-time favorite band, and a Mr. Steven Patrick Morrissey is my choice for greatest songwriter in the English language.

I am far from the only person who believes this, for the Smiths/Morrissey freaks are many. So, because I have neglected my duties as Smiths and Moz fan, today we shall get into part one of a three part Smiths series!

For these three, I'll stick to The Smiths, but I'm fairly certain that this will be an ongoing series, so please do not mistake this as anywhere near all-encompassing. The Smiths/Morrissey combined catalog is getting deeper every year but I'll just be putting up a few personal favorites. There are many.


First up, a gorgeous song about patience.

"I know a place where we can go
Where we are not known"

The Smiths - These Things Take Time

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A quick question.

If this:

was influenced by this:

Does that mean that this:

was influenced by this?:

Just asking...

idolize, hypnotize.

This three-cd set was sent to me by the fine folks over at Gigantic music. I got it early because of the type of jams that I usually post. Upon hearing it, I was only further convinced about the true genius of Ike Turner.

Now don't get me wrong, beating women is a truly horrible thing, (almost as bad as beating up animals) but Ike really was a virtuoso and an innovator. This all seems to unfortunately get lost in the haze of drug/woman abuse and Tina's subsequent rise in the 80's. (Another thing, those 80's Tina songs fucking suck.)

Marital bliss.

The best example of Ike + Tina truly coming together in song and voice is "Idolize You." It is also a type of complimentary song to "Quicksand" in a strange way.

Ike & Tina Turner - Idolize You

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

rubber neck giraffe.

For some reason (the piano maybe?) this song always reminds me of an Elton John record. Southern Gothic Elton John.

Leon Russell is one of the most talented dudes around. He played on so many records, by so many artists, it nearly impossible to track all of his guest appearances and songwriting credits down.

The Rolling Stones, Donny Hathaway, Herb Alpert, Barbara Streisand (!?!?), they've all had his help. Crazy prolific, and apparently utterly incomprehensible when not singing (deep Oklahoma accent) he wrote this one for his 1972 album Carney. It is one of my favorite bouncy southern rock-type bangers.

Seriously, this cover is terrifying.

Leon Russell - Tight Rope

Monday, October 22, 2007

some girls.

Listen to this one again. With fresh ears, and then try to tell me that it's not a banger. (Especially the bridge)

You know that it is.*

"Why wouldn't I need a fur in the desert?"


"That nigga J.C. crazy! A fur in the desert?!"

J.C. Chasez ft. ODB - Some Girls Dance With Women

*For real, fuck irony, I hate that shit, this song knocks.

Friday, October 19, 2007

dinner for one.

Easiest post ever recipe:

1 - Prince song

1 - Picture of the album
from which the song came

1 - Humorous comment in
italics below aforementioned

(Serves all.)

"Really Prince, like that?"

"Yes, sans shirt."

Prince - Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

pulling me closer.

Martha and the Vandellas were the second most successful girl-group on the Motown label. The first being these harlots.

The thing about it is, I don't believe that I like any one Supremes song more than I do Martha and the girls' rendition of "Quicksand."

A perfect song in every sense, much like the 1960's girl group equivalent of this.

Martha and the Vandellas - Quicksand

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

makes me feel old.

You know that I don't usually post newer stuff, but honestly...this is one of my fucking jams.

Ted knows, I've been riding for Chromeo. Since before She's In Control, these dudes are the truth. The reason I even know about The Deele is because I saw Dave1 and P-Thugg (two 'g's so necessary!) big them up while citing influences. And "Rocket 2 U?" that was on one of their dope old school electro mixes. Like anything worth it's salt, they are a gift that keeps on giving.

Style icons, as well.

Their newest album has been out for a little bit now and it is great. They usually get love on other blogs and stuff, but not enough for my taste. Fancy Footwork is insane, from the title track to "Tenderoni" to "Opening Up" that shit bangs. Hard.

I really could only recommend a small child's handful of things released post-2000 more than this.

But...this one is my absolute favorite:

Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin' (Tough Guys)

Full Disclosure:

1. First time I ever put up a buy link. That recommended.
2. Chromeo were all over MTV last week between commercials. I've been meaning
to write about them for a while now, can't say that didn't remind me.
3. They just released the video for this song, (see here) another reminder.
4. I'll get back to old stuff next.

5. This post is also a shout out to Jordan in Washington. Just because.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

effect mode.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have one of the best "Fuck you!" jams ever.

This shit comes from the one, the only, the incomparable...

For the ladies.

Al B. Sure! (!!!)

This guy was dope. Unibrow and all. On the strength! An early adapter to the new jack swing sound, Al B. was all kinds of awesome. Check the "Rock to the rhythm of the funky beat" break, a true gem.

"What, do you think you're dope on a rope, nope!"

Al B. Sure! - Off On Your Own (Girl)

Monday, October 15, 2007

day and night.

In 1986, (the album was released in 1987, but I presume that it was written in '86) Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and Antonio "L.A." Reid wrote what I consider to be one the best love songs ever sung by human beings. This also just so happened to be my year of birth. Coincidence? I like to think not.

The Deele were the group that contained Babyface & L.A. (this is before they went on to start Laface records. Which means before TLC, OutKast, millions of dollars, a split between the once great friends and Eddie Murphy eventually making Babyface's wife his own. Ouch.)

Waaaay before this.

Great lyrics, true sentiment, flawless melodies, it's all there. Honestly, If I ever get married, (ha!) this will play as I stumble onto my wife's foot for our first dance.

Additionally: If I ever DJ a wedding (looking right at you: Jake, Elena, Ben, Teddy, etc.) you must dance to this
at some point in the evening as your mothers and fathers weep.

The Deele - Two Occasions

Friday, October 12, 2007

deluxe edition.

While I continue to wallow in the dreck and mire that is my life, my dear friend and confidant Teddy is flourishing in our neighbor to the north.

He is currently successful at the following:

-Wearing high-tops
-Being mad blonde

"Teal pants? Yes, please!"

-Canada's most famous "non-homosexual" homosexual
-Doing remix jams:

Teddy - Khusara Khusara

Teddy - The Locomotion

Thursday, October 11, 2007

she's got the smoke in her eyes.

I found a copy of this:

...at the rad thrift store across the street from my pal's crib. I also managed to snag this and this.

Speaking In Tongues contains one of my absolute favorite Talking Heads jams ever in the form of "Girlfriend Is Better" An awesome song*, (the live version on Stop Making Sense rules a bit harder, but whatever) but I'm afraid that I don't really know about how much better life is with a significant other.

Now, the actual verse lyrics to the song do not make any discernible sense as far as I can tell, but the chorus does seem to imply that the girlfriend in question is
"...moving up going right through my heart"

I'm pretty sure that he means that in a good way, but honestly, who the hell knows?

(*Teddy introduced me to this jam through a mix that he sent me. Eerily enough, he just sent me some remixes that he's completed. Expect them up next.)


Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

pirahnas, paraiahs. (III)

"Two for one, right 70's Lindsey?"

"Yeah, sure."

"And you, 80's Lindsey?"


(Long blank stare at the fish tank containing rare piranhas. Wipes his nose, then scratches, catches us all staring at him with confused faces)

"Sorry about that, uh, yes"

"Um... ok."


Lindsey Buckingham - Slow Dancing

Fleetwood Mac - Big love

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

insanity plea. (II)

As a solo artist, Lindsey was/is the shit. Seeing as how he and Christie McVie always pen my favorite Fleetwood Mac jams, this should have been inevitable. Go Insane was released in 1984, a great year for music regardless of if he were to have released something or not, but made that much better because he did.

Ex. #2:

Isn't that supposed to be window of time?

Lindsey Buckingham - Go Insane (Extended Mix)

Monday, October 8, 2007

cocaine on the counsel. (I)

In case you weren't aware, Lindsey Buckingham is one of my favorite dudes ever. Ex. #1:

Done by Woody @ the21gunsalute.blogspot.com

Circa Tusk era Mac, the Bucks was on mad coke. This also goes for Stevie as well as pre and post-Tusk era Buckingham.

The shit must have been great because only a goddamned coked up egomaniac would have a double lp with four slip sleeves. Just for the hell of it.

I just got Tusk on vinyl, so here goes a jam.

Fleetwood Mac - The Ledge

Sunday, October 7, 2007

attention whore.

Prince is the illest. Enough said.

Who needs a crucifix in the shower?

Should say: "Poster that Brian did not realize was in his vinyl copy. He thought that he had overpaid for it, but once he saw that this (above) was included and huge, he proceeded to go apeshit and tease his sister about because, no, she could not have it."

Prince - Jack U Off

Friday, October 5, 2007

a ruined life.

It's official: I'm obsessed with buying records. I've spent pretty much all of my dough on vinyl.

Ugh. Temp agency, here I come!

A real find/longtime want that I probably paid too much for.

(By the way, this one is one of my favorite records ever made.)

"You're so upset because you can't watch All My Children"

The Jets - Rocket 2 U

Sunday, September 30, 2007

floosie funk.

This one goes out to all the whores.

Girls that look like that are usually easy. It's genetic.

Ivana Spagna - Easy Lady

Saturday, September 29, 2007

harmoniums in sync.

"Do you realize that the monetary
value of this promotion and the
prize is potentially worth more
than the purchases?"

Shelley Duvall & Harry Nilsson - He Needs Me

Et fin.

Friday, September 28, 2007


"Oh, someday I know
Someone will look into my eyes
And say hello
You're my very special one"

The Velvet Underground - After Hours

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

scott woods' solid gold.

"Stop dancing.
Stop it, all right?"
King Crimson - Moonchild