Tuesday, December 25, 2007

year -end excuse.

Sometimes you have to work and get money and try to find gear & records and go to bars that you couldn't go to before you can write.

Count me in.

Soon, when the inspirado hits.

Happy holidays, etc.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


The following sounds as if Bobby Nunn had just heard Dirty Mind while in the presence of Prince himself. At the beginning of the party, he was super confident about his ability to pull just about any woman that he desired. They were all there for his taking, willing to do anything he'd like. That skinny motherfucker with the high voice wasn't going to stop him at all. He was obviously gay, right. He had to be. With the blouse on and high heels. He added up to about 5'4" and maybe 116. Soaking wet. With weights on his ankles.

But then he goes and hands the dj a copy of his new album. The one with him in a bikini and tights on the cover. "This nigga must think he's cute or something. Ha!

"I've heard his last one, the one with him on the back riding a white horse. That shit was good but nothing spectacular. I mean, "I Wanna Be Your Lover" was pretty funky but...I don't know about this guy."

At that moment, the dj starts in on Side B. "Uptown" is on. Oh shit.

"Hey! where'd he get that groove from? And that synth line? What's he been doing, practicing?"

Bobby then eyes a beautiful Latin looking girl at the end of the bar. Prince is being fawned over by a couple of white girls in short leopard-print skirts over in the back lounge. Bobby sees his chance to chat up the exotic young thing and then parade by Prince as he makes his way to his limo with his newly-won lady prize.

He orders a drink, a gin & tonic.

By the time he looks over to where the girl is, he sees that a short black girl with curly honey colored hair has taken her place. "Where can she be?" he thinks to himself.

He spies the corners of the club, and the ladies room door for a few moments.

Then he sees her. Well-not her face exactly, but her calves.

Calves and heels. The calves are strong, the heels bright red. Fishnets tie them together.

He can only see the calves and heels because her back is facing him and he can't bear to look up any further at first. When he finally decides to, all he can think to do immediately is look away. But it's too late.

In that split-second, he saw it all. Her face, buried in that skinny motherfucker's lap. Her hands caressing his chest hairs through the open buttons of that god damned white blouse. His steely look of pleasure. All it took was one look.

Bobby went home with the short black girl. He actually ended up marrying her. She wasn't a fan of that skinny motherfucker with the high voice, and he found that reassuring.

The next morning, he had some breakfast while the blond was sleeping. Quietly, on a small synth with a headphone jack, he started composing this song.

"I'll show him" he repeated to himself. "I'll show them both."

Bobby Nunn - Sexy Sassy

Thursday, December 13, 2007

again with him.

How 2007 is buying McCartney II from The Thing a few weeks ago and claiming one of the closing tracks to be one of the finer jams of the year?

Ok, so the year is not 1982, but you what? It's hard picking out new things that are good. I feel like all of the other blogs have done that to death already. So from the awesome McCartney II...a fucking jam. Moody Macca, if you will.


Paul McCartney - Dark Room

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

past blasting.

It's easier if I just put these two together.

Both super rad, from Athens, Georgia & Los Angeles respectively. When guys start bands that are sort of super-influenced by very specific musical periods and the jams don't come out like lame carbon copies...that's the best.

Nuggets bands and 90's alt-rock in general should be proud. As should all of their mothers.

Sleazeballs, obviously.

Black Lips - Dirty Hands

No seriously, get down with these fuckers. They're dope.

No Age - Everybody's Down

Sunday, December 9, 2007

listerine burns.

Kate Nash is so hot.

Hot Chip are the shit.

The original version of this song is only ok.

They come together and make it better.

Also, Kate Nash, a complete dish.

I think she might be really tall though (boo!)

I'm not even so sure that this one is one of my favorites of this year, but it sure seems to have been played a lot so...

If Joss Stone wasn't really into bad fashion choices...and was gorgeous...and talented


Gettin' squeaky/gettin' clean...

Kate Nash - Mouthwash (Hot Chip Remix)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This is another one from 2006 that got mad burn on my iTunes. The thing about this one is that I completely forgot about it after hearing it a few times at the end of last year...

Then next thing I know, I just kept repeating "she swallowed the dead wife pills..." all the goddamned time. Hello this jam on repeat.

"Dead Wife Pills" sort of starts out as a Wreckless Eric-style punk number but then transforms into a beautiful mess of guitar reverb and that short expression that just I couldn't get out of my head a while ago. The whole thing lasts 3:10, but seems longer. In this case, this is actually a good thing.

They're from London, which kind semi-explains the Wreckless Eric start. But not the photo.

Magic carpet ride to...a wig store?

Dead Kids - The Dead Wife Pills

Monday, December 3, 2007

et fin.

As the year rapidly approaches it's end, I think that I'll try to amass some the (very few) things that I liked that happened to have come out this year.
Because I listen to so much old stuff, the new things that keep my attention are usually pretty bad ass. FACT.

Anywhoo, I'll be doing this over a number of days, seeing as how I have to search through iTunes and sort the 2007 shit out. Some of these might not be from 2007 though (ha!) I'm making exception for 2006 things that I reall came to love this year, like the song below.

This is one of my favorite melodies ever. Anybody who has heard me ramble for hours on end about jams knows that I don't care much for what is being said the first 100 times I hear something that I
like (sometimes later come to love,) it's usually the melody that kills me. No exception for Grizzly Bear's "Knife."

This shit is one of the most gorgeous things done since the millennium has begun, hands down.

"Oh yeah and we've chilled with Clipse. Take that!"

The part about back-stabbing (quite literally) was all but lost on me until I heard semi-shitty covers by CSS and Born Ruffians (they have their own awesome 2006/2007 songs, but none for these posts.)

The thing about covering this song is-you absolutely have to do the four-part harmonies!

No four-part harmonies, no go.

So, without any further ado, my favorite song to hum, probably ever.

Grizzly Bear - Knife