Monday, June 25, 2007

value village.

My friend Bo lives in Washington Heights. Which would not be so weird if he wasn't a middle aged, white, Frank Zappa freak who's originally from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Anyways, by chance, the very first night that I go and hang out in his weirdo crib (a few posts unto itself) he happens to tell me about the guy across the hall who is selling his record collection. At the time, I was way better off financially than I am now, (cool jobs, anybody??? Let me know.) so I was pretty much game. At about one in the morning, after quite a few pints of Pabst, Raul (the record dude) told us to drop and take a look at his goods.

We got in and he told me the general lay of the land, records-wise. "Disco singles and stuff are in that box if you're interested, I'm just trying to get rid of stuff, you know. I'm moving and I don't want to have to carry this shit anymore."

Raul was moving three stories above where we were standing. On the second floor.

I move to the aforementioned disco crate and lo and behold. Bangers. Salsoul. Atco/Atlantic. West End Records. Denroy Morgan, Donna Summer, Moment Of Truth, Vicki Sue Robinson, etc, etc.


I knew that I had to have the whole crate. Then I looked around some more and found a few choice rock and pop albums, Thriller, Can't Slow Down, Don't Say No, etc.

"How much for eveything in the box plus these twenty or so albums?" (Around 50-65 records easily.)


"I've got $35 in pocket..but if you need $40-"


So for $35 (plus $10 for a cab) I went home with a crate and a cool vintage suitcase (free!) full of bangers.

I have a bunch of them in digital format, but there are a few that I'll have to rip from vinyl. The following is not one of them.

A sick jam from 1982 , Peter Brown slays this one all around. And in the process gives us a bit of a drug warning.

Peter Brown - Baby Gets High

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jacking another Beach Boys jam from that old Avalanches mix. This one is the starting point. So sick in a semi-cheesy, 70's yacht rock kind of way.

Of of this album:

1978's M.I.U. Album

The Beach Boys - Match Point Of Our Love

in every home.

Roxy Music were incredible. Especially the first two albums (Roxy Music & For Your Pleasure) with Brian Eno.

After that they got less moody and sort of suave (Stranded & Country Life) By the time they released their last four albums, (Siren, Manifesto, Flesh and Blood & Avalon) they were pretty much the smoothest dudes ever, models, champagne, white Ferrari's lined with the pelts of polar bears, etc.

Bryan Ferry is who I'm basing my entire style on once I get to be about 28 or so. Strictly tailored blazers, shirts & ties, tastefully tapered jeans and dope loafers.

Anyways, I'll be sharing some Eno-era Roxy Music, a truly haunting gem...about a blow up doll.

"I blew up your body/but you blew my mind!"

Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home A Heartache

Thursday, June 7, 2007

we don't die, we multiply.

"Diamonds bulge like Robin Harris' eyes/I Bebe's Kids my neck"

I'm just saying.

Fabolous ft. Pusha T - Joke's On You