Wednesday, March 5, 2008

surely it's the half.

Note: This was supposed to be up like six days ago, but my computer + blogger are not on the same wavelength right now. Bummer.

OK, so one and a half jams today! Frighteningly different ones at that.

Clipse & The Re-Up Gang + Wire.

From 1977's classic Pink Flag we have "Field Day." At 28 seconds, it does not really even qualify as a half-jam, more like an extended chorus or something. Regardless, it's a brilliant song that you will want to replay about four times in a row. Almost two minutes if you add it up.

Wire - Field Day

Next up we have the main course. Off of the third installment in their We Got It 4 Cheap mixtape series, I present The Re-Up Gang going hard over a classic Swizz Beatz production, "Scenario 2000."

They call it "Scenario 2008" for reasons that should be quite obvious.

The entire mixtape can be obtained here. I don't think that I can physically or metaphorically recommend anything as much as I do this. Pretty much my favorite dudes ever at this moment in time.

"Underhand pitch like little league in Japan."

Clipse & The Re-Up Gang - Scenario 2008

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