Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Hello pals. Back with another sporadic jam. This comes from someone not entirely unlike Valerie Dore.
An Italo/scary synth-pop casualty, Nancy Nova was the odd, pitch-shifted voice behind today's banger "The Force."

This song is a concoction primarily made up of:

1. A creepy voice at the very beginning saying "Chorus..."
2. ...followed by a Greek chorus! Chanting along spookilly (sic?,) no less.
3. A super killer bass line
4. All over the place synth & computerized organs
5. One of my cheesy weaknesses, an over-pitched main vocal.

What these things lead to is a jam to end all forgotten Italo/synth jams, here, in it's full seven and a half minute glory...

Nancy Nova - The Force (Original Mix)

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