Saturday, January 26, 2008

on love songs.

I was on the train tonight and the song "Touch Too Much" by Hot Chip was on repeat in my mind.

I haven't been posting very much lately. Not for a lack of good music, no. To the contrary, the thing is, I've been listening to a wide array of music new and old. Various genres. The main things that I keep coming back to though are Panda Bear's Person Pitch, Clipse & The Re-Up Gang's We Got It 4 Cheap Volumes 1 & 2, and even more than anything else, (since probably The Strokes' Is This It all the way back in 2001) Hot Chip's new masterpiece (yes Masterpiece) Made In The Dark.

What is it about this, their third album, that is so great? I have a notion that it has to do with the amount of love that is spread throughout.

See, what the guys in Hot Chip have done on this latest album is mostly talk about the bittersweet time when, upon the verge of an inevitable break up, one looks back on a relationship and sees every incident that had led to the demise.

They do this over and over. Only a few of the songs sort of celebrate love. And even those tend to skew towards melancholy ("In The Privacy Of Our Love," "Ready For The Floor.")

By the way, did I mention that the ratio of slow songs to dance-able ones is something like 1:5?

Yes, they made a sad love song album that won't let you stop dancing for most of it's run time. What the fuck?!

You must buy this when it comes out in a couple of weeks (February 5, to be exact.)

Before I post a long-winded essay on pop music and the subject of love (one equals the other is the whole gist...) her is the jam to convince you to support Made In The Dark. A song about the two opposing sides of love and how they resemble a (childish) pastime: wrestling.

Hot Chip - Wrestlers

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